Here are ways our members celebrated, come back in 2014 to add yours!

Posted by Gina Davison on
I love this event. I have an in-home daycare with 5 preschoolers. We will be planting flowers to tend to this spring and summer as well as getting out and exploring nature. There will be visits to local parks for nature walks and exercise. We will also be celebrating reading by visiting our local library for story time. And many more.
Posted by Gonda L. Meade on
We planned a parade with the school district and city and other children care program in the city. Streets were block off for the childern about 100, to 200 people involved. The children wore differ hats, policemen, firemen, bakers,and even a batman what every the children wanted to grow up to be in life. Every child had something differ on even the older children up to 4th grade. Each group made their own banners. The school band, cheerleaders, was in the parade,even the firetrucks, policecars came out to support us. People in the community, some parents,(most the parents walked the their child)grandparents,uncles, aunts and many people that had a business was out in front of their businesses watching and supporting the children. The children enjoys the parade walking in the street, seeing all the differ trucks. We start planning this event in Jan and Feb with letters to everyone. Meet with the police so they can make a route to go by so they can block off the streets.

Thank you
Gonda Meade/Family Advocate
Allegheny Intermediate/Head Start
734 Miller Ave
Clairton,Pa. 15025
Posted by Cinnamon Street Childcare on
Cinnamon Street Early Education and Childcare Center in Newport NH will host a Community Celebration during the Week of the Young Child 2012 (April 22 - April 28.) We have created a brochure to distrubute to the community detailing the events for the week, with this years theme; ENCOURAGING HEALTH & WELLNESS for CHILDREN & FAMILIES. Each day has a listing of the days events.
Sunday: on EARTH DAY Cinnamon Street will be planting our "Grow-up Garden" with volunteers. Monday: the library hosts "Bingo for Books"
Tuesday: FREE Child Eye Screenings & Town Selectman- Officially declares Week of the Young Child
Wednesday: FREE TO THE PUBLIC: Blood Pressure and Glucose screenings at Rite Aid
Thursday: FREE Child Dental screening and flouride varnish, Nutrition workshop for our teachers and children at Cinnamon Street
Saturday: Fundraising Pasta Dinner and Children's CYSTIC FIBROSIS FOUNDATION "MINI MARCH" presentation at the Newport Senior Center.
We hope our efforts will raise awareness in the community by forming lasting relationships that support early childhood education and the needs of young children.
Posted by Tara on
Pending park board approval we are planning a Childrens' Music Festival at a local park not only for our families at our center but the whole community!
Posted by Elizabeth Nunez-Medina on
I celebrate the week of the young child by using the web (such as Facebook) to promote it; I post pictures of my son and phrases that celebrate children and promote awareness to children's needsteach children to respect each other as well; teach children to have good manners and to get along with others in a positive way; I express in different ways my belief that we are all responsible for all children; I speak for the need to and to understand that all children ARE special and should be told this to build up their self esteem and confidence; I post all kinds of positive comments or notes, be it funny things my son says, children's poems, inspirational stories or phrases for parents/caregivers,etc. All emphasizing the importance of educating our children, encouraging respect and care for ALL children, educating adults to better educate their own children and speak or write with the firm belief that "it takes a village to raise a child" but also that each parent/teacher/caregiver holds the world in his/her hands, the future, the most valuable and precious resource we possess, and our only sure chance for positive change in this world, when they/we understand and act upon the privilige and responsabilities of raising/helping to raise a child/children. I am definitely an advocate for children, for their rights and well being.

Also, especially on the week of young children, I motivate my friends and relatives to celebrate their children making this week an extra special one! From the classroom (when I was teaching and had no children) to my household, I have celebrated this week since I was a student in the college of education. Our team of teachers did something special each day with our students (for instance, Monday: Bubbles day. Tuesday: Pajama day. Wednesday: Bring your favorite toy to school day. Etc). As a parent, I talk to my child about it being his week and how together we will plan activities to do something special each day. I make a list where we choose from so it doesn't become about "take me to Toys R Us to buy a toy" but rather, emphasizing quality time together! We do "bubbles day," "superhero" day -we both dress as superheroes with anything we have at home and just play, "picnic at the park," "movie date" where he picks the movie and the snacks, etc. We paint our hair blue if he chooses! :-) ha, ha, ha I definitely bring out the child in me so we can connect and have fun together. READING is always incorporated, of course. So we read in whatever place he chooses (I have been up on a tree!, in the closet with a flashlight, etc). I also invite them to teach their children to do something nice-special for another child, perhaps, less priviliged than they may be.

Thanks for caring!!!!!!
Posted by Monica on
It is awesome just to read your schedule of events for the weekly celebration. I have targeted family care in my neighborhood that I could visit to share songs, finger-plays & a story or two with puppets. Good Luck! in all you do for Early Childhood.

Monica from Maryland
Posted by admin on
I would to ask some ideas to make a projects of the Month of the Young child. What shall I do? What kind of Projects I have to do with them for the display of this Month.Please, help me. Thank you very much. Sarah

Hi Sarah, you can celebrate Month/Week of the Young Child any time by helping parents learn about how their children develop and by promoting quality early childhood services for all children who use them.

Regarding projects and display, the best art is free art where children choose from appropriate art materials to create their own expression. If the children you work with are verbal, ask them about their creation and write their words for them. This will make a beautiful display.

Thanks! Wake AEYC
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